Bot Buster | How to remove inactive followers and boost Instagram engagement

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Whether you paid for followers at one point on Instagram or not, ghost followers, spam accounts and inactive profiles affect your account. When you remove these accounts, your engagement increases. When your engagement increases, you’re able to reach more followers.

Our bot buster uses a unique algorithm to rank your entire follower list, grading them from 0 – 100. We analyse your entire follower list, provide you with a spreadsheet of accounts that are affecting your engagement, along with their handle so that you can remove them.

While there are apps that say they can clean your follower list, they are either clunky or post a risk to your account (mainly because Instagram limits third-party apps). You can risk your account getting disabled. Certainly, you try your hand at Unfollower or Cleaner – available on both iOS and Android – we tried these too in the past. However, it was incredibly time consuming and didn’t look at the signals that our algorithm does.

We don’t need your password or logins, all we need is your handle. It’s completely legit and you’ll receive a detailed spreadsheet within 3 business days of submission.

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