One Seed Perfumes

  • One Seed Organic Perfume AFR
  • One Seed owner Liz Cook

About This Project

One Seed Perfumes wanted to shed light on the harmful toxins in the (self-regulated) fragrance industry. In a bit to lead by example, principle perfumer and director – Liz Cook decided to list all ingredients on her website. Something that is considered ‘taboo’ in the perfume world. To celebrate this move, NYX and Liz developed One Seed’s Nothing to Hide campaign.





A three-phase campaign was developed and executed by NYX Social in August 2017 to educate consumers and demand the same transparency as seen in recent years with fresh produce.

  1. Media outreach
  2. Facebook Live with One Seed
  3. Repackage videos for social



Media Outreach

  • 7 pieces of coverage (online inc. AFR)
  • 4.6M online readership
  • 501 social shares
  • 63K estimated coverage views

Facebook Live

  • 18.5K three-second views
  • 26K reach
  • $0.02 average CPV
  • 885 reactions, 21 comments, 34 shares

Facebook Live repackage

  • 17K three-second views
  • 21K reach
  • $0.03 average CPV
  • 111 reactions, 4 comments, 18 shares

November 18, 2017