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About This Project

Optus’ ‘Agents of Yes’ program is an outreach program, crafted by Fuel Communications. It encourages identified social media influencers to live more yes. Through this program, Optus and the chosen influencer agree on a 12 month contract, and the relationship is kicked off with a ‘Yes Moment’. This is something that the influencer has always wanted to do, something that ties in to their ‘yes’ mantra that Optus is infamously known for.


For ex-MasterChef contestant, Billy Law, this was an eight day culinary venture around Victoria and New South Wales. Billy set off in a campervan, sourcing local produce and giving back to the community along the way – something he’d always wanted to do but never had the opportunity.


Prior to reaching out to Billy, he was identified as someone who was positive, outgoing, had a large and active community across various platforms and fit perfectly with the Optus brand.


Through the eyes of the influencer, Billy documented his travels on his blog, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. He noted Optus as the enabler and was able to reach an engaged audience that Optus would not have otherwise been able to target.


August 23, 2015

B2C, Business