10 Reasons to Outsource your Social Media

27 Aug 10 Reasons to Outsource your Social Media

What’s your marketing strategy looking like on Instagram and Facebook? Or are you just posting what you ‘think’ looks good and gets likes without a clear marketing direction?


Do you know how to target the right audience, or people who look like your existing customers? Or are you seeing lots of spam accounts like your posts, or worse – no one?


From startups and fashion labels to global brands, such as Dubai Tourism, I’ve worked with various clients over my past seven years in marketing and advertising. I’m now helping small businesses that may not have the resources to consult with agencies so they can leverage the power of this marketing channel.


Get back to focusing on what you know best – your businesses!


Here are 10 reasons to outsource your social media:

  • They’re experts – their job is social media 5 – 7 days a week – they’re on top of algorithm changes, best practices, industry changes and best practices
  • Good posts require research – finding valuable, relevant and interesting content and writing good copy requires time
  • Results should be tracked, interpreted and refined
  • Time – If time is money, how much time will you spend training yourself up and will you be at the same level as an expert?
  • Images and graphic design – know the correct sizing, use graphic design, know what photos work and how to correctly attribute
  • Choose the right platform
  • Engage with your audience in constructive and meaningful conversations
  • Social media affects your SEO (how you rank on Google)
  • Advertise – know what optimal cost per click (CPC) you should be paying, what headlines and copy works better and how to target, track and optimise them efficiently
  • Ongoing commitment – it’s not ‘one-off’ advertising and requires commitment and consistency.


Social media marketing is about providing a positive experience, increasing your ‘digital footprint’ and growing your referral base. Today’s consumers want to feel comfortable and connected with the companies they do business with. Having a welcoming and professional presence on social sites is a great start!

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